Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dog-Sitting, Dairy Milk Bottle Caps, and Bingo Card Spools

Yep, I've been dog-sitting again......

Cutie Pie #1

Cutie Pie #2

And just when you thought I was done creating
decorative spools using Bingo Cards........

When you love old graphics as much as I do,
you find a way to create with them as much as possible.

Dairy Milk Bottle Caps are graphics perfection
because so much art is printed on a tiny space.
The added virtue of this craft is using vintage materials.
With so much old ephemera out there,
it's a way to Upcycle them, giving new life to a nostalgic item
and rescuing it from the landfill!

But really. Why stop at spools?

It's Spring, so that means peat pot crafting!

Since I sealed the whole pot, I thought they'd be cute lined with 
parchment for mini cookies or candy. 
Of course the obvious would be a starter plant for transplanting, 
or a mini flower arrangement 
if you added a water-tight container. 

I reinforced the holes for the wire handle.
To cover the drainage hole, I cut a thin square 
of chipboard for the inside, 
and a thick one for the base to also help it stand steady.

Well, that's about all for now.
More ideas up my sleeve though.......

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  1. I love the graphics of old milk bottle caps. I rarely find them in the "wild" but I know they can be had on through the internet. Doesn't it bother you to cut up old things? I have a real problem cutting up old things but am working on overcoming my phobia. Always interested in your creative experiments.

    1. Hey SuzieQ! Always great to hear from you! If the old things are as plentiful as Bingo cards, I have no problem cutting them up. It's great fun to give old things new life, so they can be enjoyed instead of sitting in a box.

  2. This is such an interesting post. It is always so fun to see something creative that is totally new. I love the spools and the peat pot baskets. The graphics are superlative and a double pleasure to anyone who remembers the paper caps. The display of red, white and blue spools would be a joy to look at everyday. Now, I'm so mad that I sold all my bingo cards in the shop last winter. I had at least 100 and all different kinds. I hope that person see your post!

    1. Hello Fox and Finch! It really is enjoyable to have these in my view! I am particularly fond of looking at all my dairy caps. The graphics just delight me! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You are so creative. I love the graphics on these!

    xo Dianne

  4. These are SO adorable. I love the look of the sweet little baskets, and those spools are just too clever. Thanks for sharing with us at Talk of the Town. Pinning!

  5. OH I love these so much! Bingo cards speak to me, too! Hopped over from Talk of the follower on Bloglovin' and looking forward to reading more!

  6. These are the picture of adorable! I'm a milk cap hoarder, so I adore them!
    Thanks for linking up at Talk of the Town - I'll be featuring you next week at the party, and I pinned these to the Knick of Time party board!

  7. oh man...i love these! i don't have red bingo cards, sadly, but have a plethora of old black and white ones. i'm fresh out of bottle caps as well, but could print some online, i think i would love to know how you made these...any chance of a tutorial for those of us less gifted in the imagination department?

    1. Hello! Thank you for your appreciation of my creations! I may at some point do a tutorial down the road, but it won't be happening right away, since I've been creating these for my Etsy shop. Thank you for stopping by! Maria

  8. go to knick of time, angie has the bottle caps you can download for free

  9. Awesome uses of vintage milk caps- I especially LOVE those spools!!!


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