Saturday, July 18, 2015

Woodland-Inspired Paper Mache Gift Boxes

Finally, I've crafted something new to show! 

I went to an outdoor wedding recently, and the color scheme was crisp pesto green and brown. The brown element was represented by thin tree slices as plate chargers, with the pesto green being silk napkins. I was so enamored by the design, that it inspired some creations
out of me.

I had some small paper mache boxes on hand, so off I went. With brown and green in my head,
here's what resulted......

I gave both the same treatment. Painting the lids green, then haphazardly in dark brown to look woodsy.

Attached crisp olive green seam binding, then added reindeer moss and Tamarack cones. The best part came with an epiphany to "pool" dark brown German glass glitter around the moss to give the effect of elegant "soil".
I love how it looks! 

Then I covered the box base in crisp moss green crepe paper. 
Cutting curvy chipboard, attaching to the bases, then coating in the same brown glass glitter,
to finish the soil effect.

Painted the insides in a coordinating green, and adding tiny dots of citrus green German glass glitter to the moss
to look like dew drops.

These will make fabulous presentation boxes, and are now available in my Etsy shop. 

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