Monday, January 19, 2015

Tiffany Blue & Red Putz Glitter House

 Once again, I've created a Putz glitter house
with Valentine's Day in mind. And once again, my
"Ooh great idea. I'll whip one up right now" vision
was anything but quick.
Like I always say with my chalk-painted jewelry chests....
"just because it's small doesn't mean it's easier".

I have an ardent love for aqua and red, so I was compelled to create this little gem. I've had this red-striped paper for over a year now, knowing I had to make something with it.

 As always, I have designed, hand-cut, and assembled this piece from scratch.

In a departure from my Winter Putz houses, I gave this piece a striped red & white base instead of snow, and continued the stripes with a charming awning over the door, reminiscent of a little flower shop.

I must say, it requires even more attention to detail, 
since snow covers a multitude of imperfections.

The tiny windows are fuzzy with white flocking, and below each is an aqua-tinted millinery flower in a window box. These “boxes” and roof are made of thin-fluted corrugated wrap. Flowers are lightly dusted in fine crytally glitter.

The roof and door are both painted in Tiffany blue. I hand-painted details on the door, with an added thin strip of
German Dresden across it for texture. 
The door windows are coated in clear German glass glitter.

The entire house is encrusted with red German glass glitter. I've sealed the glitter with varnish for added adhesion, which will also prevent it from darkening.

I'm now working on a champagne pink house now.
The fun never stops!

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  1. Your latest Putz house is so pretty, I love the color combination. Looking forward to seeing your pink champagne creation. Thank you for linking up with Vintage Inspiration Party.


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