Friday, April 25, 2014

Creating Rustic Garden Seed Packets

I recently brought home a full box of orange kraft coin envelopes from the thrift store. While I didn’t have any immediate need for these, since I don’t sell jewelry supplies or tiny parts in my Etsy shop, I have a tendency to buy large lots of small items that I can use as crafting supplies.

I really like the size of these size 3’s, measuring 2-1/2” x 4-1/4”, but wasn’t keen on their plain and new condition.

Not too long after bringing them home, I completed painting my mercantile seed tray. As I stared at the tray, I felt it would look more authentic if it had a row of seed packets inside it. So I got to work.

Plain Jane new coin envelopes are now...

Rustic distressed seed packet envelopes!

Perfect for display in a rustic kitchen, craft room, or garden shed. 

I stamped the backs with “Quality Seeds” and the company date of “1862”, as though they were manufactured with the tray.

Since I can’t seem to stop experimenting with my homemade wood ebonizing mixture of rusty vinegar, I used it on the envelopes too! Paper comes from wood, after all. I hand-dipped each envelope in the mixture, then slipped them over bamboo skewers, propped in a glass, to drip-dry. ( I even dipped the sisal twine in the mixture too, so it would look aged with the envelopes.) Once dry, I spattered the envelopes on both sides, using a toothbrush dipped in the rusty vinegar, then slipped them back on the skewers to dry again. (The aging technique removed most of the gummed adhesive on the flap, but that seemed more authentic for an old envelope anyway. Any need to seal them closed could be easily remedied with a glue stick or cute old-fashioned Washi tape.) 

I left the envelope fronts blank for writing seed identification info, or to stamp an image. I think these would make charming packages for sharing garden seeds with friends, or as gift tag envelope for a garden-themed gift basket. I’d use the Washi if I was putting seeds in it. For an enclosure card, I’d just use a hole punch, tie the hole with twine, and secure it to a basket or package.

I listed a few small bundles in my Etsy shop, and if I sell them, I may just feel compelled to make more……

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  2. Adorable, clever and as usual, you inspire!

  3. Wow - what a transformation! They look authentically OLD!!! Thanks so much for your kind comment on our 20+ year old Tiger kitty :)... Donna


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