Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Chicken Wire, Moss, & Glass Globe Vases

Okay, so you’ve seen my one-track mind lately, creating one project after another using chicken wire.

While I do have other ideas yet to take form, this is probably the last chicken wire treasure I’ll post for now, so I can get caught up on some chalk paint projects waiting in the wings.

So without further ado……

Globe-shaped chicken wire and moss vase!

And a little bling added to each.

Along with the great textures and colors, the added bonus is the moss can be used for something else, because it’s not glued to the vase, only held in place by the chicken wire.

I started with small round glass vases, easily attainable from Goodwill or the craft store.

Cut and then hot-glue a circle of cork to fit the bottom surface of vase. You’ll find out why later.

Cut a strip of chicken wire long enough to go completely around the vase, and wide enough to extend about a ½” above and below the vase.

Fold over or curl all the cut ends of top and bottom as I did with the nests and candelabra cups.

Lay the piece flat, then press down a layer of moss over the whole thing.

This next step is a personal preference. I joined the 2 short ends with wire into a tube, then I slid the glass vase into the tube. You can also wrap the chicken wire with the moss around the vase, then join and wire the 2 ends while holding it all together.

Once you've positioned the vase inside the moss & wire, start squeezing together the hexes closest to the top and bottom openings, which will mold the open ends close to the vase.

Now the reason for the cork circle. When I originally made this without the cork, the chicken wire and moss slipped around a bit, and when they were the only thing under the bottom of the glass vase, it wasn’t as stable as I wanted. Molding the wire tightly up against the cork will keep it from slipping all the way under the glass, and the cork offers stability for the vase.*

Once you have the chicken wire molded tightly in place, you can tuck in pieces of moss where any glass is showing.

And you know me. I always have to add something unexpected to my creations, and what better than some vintage bling! The wire and moss are perfectly accommodating for securing a brooch or buttons. I just pinned the brooch right to the chicken wire on the chartreuse moss. On the Spanish moss, I created a brooch using a rhinestone button. I cut a star shape out of cardstock, poked a hole in the middle for the button shank to go through, then covered it with German glass glitter. I slid a bobby pin through the button shank, then tucked the bobby pin into the moss and wire. Voila. Vase jewelry! But bling or no bling, these are lovely either way.

Now add some water to your vase, and fill it with flowers! And because you're using preserved moss that won't dry up or shrivel, you can use these vases over and over, and for every season! This project is just another reason why I pledge my undying love for the versatility of chicken wire and moss…..:)

*The reason I ultimately chose a globe-shaped vase is because it holds enough water to keep the flowers happy. (I even experimented with glass votive cups for smaller moss vases, but after stuffing them with flower stems, the amount of water in them was enough to keep the flowers happy for about 5 seconds.) The shape doesn’t have to be globular though, because ultimately you are still molding the chicken wire into a globe shape. You would just need to tuck in more moss to fill in the space between the vessel and the chicken wire. If the vessel has a wide mouth like a jar, you might wish to extend the chicken wire all the way over the mouth to continue the globe shape, which would also create an instant flower “frog” to hold the stems up. 

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  1. Another fabulous creation using chicken wire. I love these with the special touch of bling.

  2. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Very unique and quite pretty. Love the flowers you chose to accompany the moss.
    Organic and natural. Thanks for the inspiration :0)
    Have a beautiful week,

  3. Wonderful tutorial. I'd really love to make a couple of these to have for different flowers and seasons. I love working with chicken wire, need to get some more. We have some hardware cloth/wire but it's just not the same, harder to manipulate also. Hardware cloth is the wire with little square holes. Your vases with moss look really pretty with your flowers. Glad you shared this project. Happy week

  4. Thank you Ladies! Inspiring you to create is always the greatest compliment!

  5. Love these!! How cool and original!


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