Friday, March 14, 2014

Gold Leaf, Glue Gun, & a Dollar Store Plastic Easter Egg

The sun is shining brightly here in Oregon. 
I do believe that means it’s time to be inspired for Spring creations. 
I think I can handle that!

If you recall, last year I created this elegant Easter egg, using a plastic egg, silver leaf, a glue gun, and alcohol ink. It is truly one of my favorite projects, and judging from the Pins and blog visits, my followers love it too!

I went to the Dollar store recently, to see if there were any interesting eggs to play with, and I believe I found some. These are faceted and transparent, and I knew they had potential.

Although this new piece is somewhat derivative of last year’s egg, it certainly is gorgeous and has no problem commanding its own attention!

I tried it first with just gold leaf and no hot glue design. While it is pretty this way and would be attractive with several in a display bowl, I really desired to show off the diamond details better with dimension.

What makes this super easy for the artistically challenged, is that you needn’t draw any designs beforehand. Just follow the existing diamond pattern with the hot glue. Easy Peasy!

And like the silver egg, I brushed on Caramel alcohol ink to give the gold a warm antique patina.

Although it wasn’t necessary, I sealed it with Gloss varnish to make it shimmer in the sunlight more.

As for displaying, the possibilities are endless. I picked up this exquisite little teacup at the thrift store recently, and it’s been longing for just the right display opportunity. I do believe I found it!

I have a stash of gold crinkle wire, and I knew this was just the place to use it. The faux grass adds crisp natural elegance. I placed everything in the cup in a temporary fashion, so the cup can be used for other projects. If you’re concerned about the design being disturbed, you could use florist foam and hot glue to hold everything in place. I have more eggs and metal leaf waiting in the wings, so let’s see what else I come up with! 

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  1. gorgeous! you have the midas touch when it comes to being creative...



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