Tuesday, March 18, 2014

An Attribute Only A Sentimental Junker Would Call An Attribute

So this is a short and sweet post. I rarely share the vintage treasures I come home with, but this one had a tiny, yet charming detail that gave me a warm fuzzy.

I spotted this chalkware fruit plaque at the thrift store, and was considering buying it. (Not a big investment, just a saturated market.) While I do appreciate the color and style, and how cheery it would look in a Retro kitchen, it was what was on the back that sealed the deal……

I consider this detail something only a sentimental junker would call an attribute. An original price tag from F.W. Woolworth for 33 cents. Call me crazy. Though perhaps some of you understand…..:)

In other news, I also picked up a seriously sweet (!) spice cupboard. I know all you Retro fans are about to curse me for this, but I think this is a perfect candidate for a chalk paint makeover.

After I finished the general store inspired-tray last week, I knew I wanted to paint more pieces in that style, and I think this cupboard is just the ticket!

I see so much potential in its good bones. It’s the next thing in line to paint, so I better get crackin’…….


  1. That original price tag often seals the deal for me too.

  2. that spicecupboard screams to made over by you!



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