Wednesday, December 18, 2013

When Crafting Supplies double as Christmas Decor

I’ve been surrounded by my craft supplies for weeks now, trying to keep them all within reach when an epiphany strikes.

The other day, I was feeling overwhelmed, so I started tidying up my stash to soften the chaos. After looking around at what I had, it occurred to me that when I artfully arranged my supplies, they became great holiday décor, and not just elements to make things with. The added bonus is that they inspire more creativity from me.

Here are 2 examples….

I found these darling little square bottles at the thrift store, which look perfect with my German glass glitter in them. (Please, someone tell me what these bottles were originally used for, because I would sure like more.) I thought it would be fun to give them stoppers more creative than corks, and wouldn’t you know it, my smallest bottle brush trees fit perfectly!

I hot-glued some glittery ribbon around the necks, and now they’re perfection.

How could you not be inspired to create when looking at these?

I recently acquired a homemade wooden organizer tray. It's deeper than typical trays (which makes it more awesome), and leads me to believe it was made to hold hardware. After ebonizing it to look even more aged, I fully intended to sell it.

But right now, it’s here to hold my stash and make me happy. And it does!

Filled with all sorts of crafting supplies, vintage and new, it’s pretty as a picture, even when I’m not creating.

I think I’m going to see what other goodies I can display more artistically. Definitely feels more like an atelier now....:)

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  1. Lovely as décor. Perhaps those bottles were for spices?? Happy crafting.

  2. That wooden organizer is perfection. It's just beautiful!


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