Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mini Garland Monogram Burlap Gift Tag Ornament

After finishing up some glue gun creations on my last 2 posts, I thought I’d offer up an easy peasy monogram ornament/gift tag idea with less hot-glue precision.

White burlap will always be classic, and so is greenery.

Put them together, and you get this:

This craft project is almost too quick to even qualify as a project. Here’s all you need.

Burlap, elegant twine, wooden coffee stirrer or like item, and wired mini faux green garland.

Cut a piece of burlap any size you wish. I cut mine 3” x 4”, so I’d have enough width to fray the edges and bottom.

Fold the top over 1”. Cut the wooden stick a little shorter than the burlap width, then hot glue the underside of it, making sure the stick is up against the burlap fold. Now center your twine into the fold, then hot glue gun the burlap flap onto the stick.

Flip the burlap piece face up. Bend a piece of wired garland into the letter you desire, then hot glue it in a few spots to the burlap.

To keep the letter uniform in thickness, like an “A” for instance, cut 2 pieces. One to bend in half, and the other to form the center, then gluing each piece.

That’s it. All done. You could whip up a bunch of these for last-minute gifts, like tying to a bottle of wine, etc. An entire family of these would look stunning on a simplistically elegant Christmas tree.

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