Sunday, October 20, 2013

Beautifying A Rescued Treasure, Thanks To Etsy


 I recently acquired this gorgeous pair of vanity accessories. Made by Globe, this brush and comb are both 24k gold-plated, and the details are stunning.

Although I was disappointed to see that the metal appliqué was missing from the brush, I decided to make it my mission to find a suitable replacement.

Not to mention that whatever piece I found, it would need to cover as much of the scar as possible, left behind from the previous one.

I do believe I succeeded. I found this brass medallion on Etsy. I knew it wasn’t as brilliant a gold as the 24k, but I was still able to alter it a bit by adding gold pigment powder to bright gold metallic paint, and sealed it with gloss clearcoat. If I had some gold leaf sheets on hand, I would’ve applied that instead.

Finally, I attached it carefully with E-6000 industrial strength adhesive.

Now this brush and comb are ready for a new life in all their beautiful shimmering glory!Thank the gods for Etsy, for having every craft item under the Sun!

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