Friday, April 12, 2013

What do Bon Bons, Nuts, and Cordials have in Common?

You'll see in a second.....

Now that the weather’s starting to sort of look like Spring, here in Oregon, I’ve started rummaging around in the shed to see what rusty junk I’ve got to play with. When you’ve created as many things as I have in the last 20 years, it’s easy to forget what you’ve accumulated....

I stumbled upon this quirky little gem I made several years ago……

Whadaya think?

This wind chime is made from vintage things I had lying around……
A frilly pierced brass Bon Bon dish, chrome cordial glasses with pretty gold interior, and mini silverplate nut dishes. I connected everything with random jewelry chain I had stashed for crafting.

I used to display the cordials with tea lights inside, but I really appreciated how they rang when they were clinked together.
So what better than a windchime!

It worked out nicely that the cordial stems were hollow, because then I had a tiny hole underneath to twist in eye screws. That gave me something to attach the chains to.

The little silverplate dishes had some corrosion, so were unsuitable for food, but I thought they still had crafty value. So I poked a tiny hole into the edge of each one, then hung them from chain. I used some thin wire to connect the chain to the dishes.

The filigree bon bon dish certainly made it convenient to hang anything, with all the available openings.

To hang the dish, I cut a piece of chain to fit around the pedestal. Then with 3 equal pieces of chain, I attached them to the pedestal chain, making sure their connections were equidistant from each other. I then joined them to each other at the top. You could also connect them with wire or metal loop, etc, depending on how and where you hang it.

Isn’t it just so dang fun to construct something from found objects?
If you stare at something long enough, you can come up with all sorts of creations…….

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