Saturday, April 27, 2013

Green Eyes.....Baby's Got Green Eyes

This weekend, Funky Junk Donna’s link party theme is Pet Parade, in honor of her beloved kitty Teddy, who passed on to greener fields this week. I’ve featured my Chloe before, when we honored Donna’s kitty Beethoven, here, but I’ll never run out of pictures of her, so I’m joining the homage party again.
So Sweet Girl Teddy, this one’s for you……
I bought this green basket a couple years ago, with every intention of selling it on Etsy. I cleaned it up, set up the backdrop for taking pictures, and in the time I walked away and came back to start shooting, Chloe had crawled in and staked her claim on it. Well, needless to say, what H.R.H. wants, she gets……..
She fit in it so perfectly, it was as if it was made for her, so far be it from me to take it away from her. I set it on the desk, next to the window, so she can stay perched in it when she surveys the wildlife outside. Then when the action stops, she just curls up and sleeps. Purrrfect…..
When she looks so damn cute in it, we are both rewarded. She reclines to her heart’s content, and I get to witness her serenity while I’m on the computer.
I value every moment with her, and never ever take it for granted…..
I loves my Chloe.
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  1. Such a pretty kitty! I love her green eyes. My kitty has green eyes sometimes and at other times they are gold. Cats are the best!!

  2. My wonderful cat, Ernie, loved to sleep in things. When we first got him, I had a bowl of nuts on the coffee table and he would sleep there, with the nuts. If there was a basket, he was in it. He also loved the bathroom sink. Best cat, ever. When he was diagnosed with diabetes, I gave him his first shot and he died. Terrible way to loose a precious pet.

  3. Aawwwwwwwwww! You know I love a precious kitty!

  4. Meow! My girls always slept in baskets right next to my computer too except when they insisted on sleeping my lap while I was attempting to sit at the computer. Hello Miss Chloe, you are a sweetie!


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