Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nostalgic Dictionary Page Candy Canes

Somebody stop me..........

After all the things I've adorned with my old dictionary pages, I keep finding new things to create with them. There's just an old-fashioned charm about the look of ephemera-covered objects that I really love. Using vintage elements to create tree ornaments is at the top of my creativity list. I certainly don't have the vintage inventory that Laurie of Magpie Ethel has, but that doesn't stop me.

So, without further ado, here are my two latest creations.......

I really like the shape of old-fashioned candy canes.
They are more rounded at the top, unlike current
ones that have more of a U-shape.

Many many moons ago, when I was wishing
I had a metal-working shop to create my own
iron scroll pieces, I crafted a poor man's 
version, using tie wire and poly tubing, 
available at any home improvement store..
Tie wire is thick and strong, but very malleable. 
After cutting the desired length of tubing,
I inserted wire the same length, then formed 
them into the desired shape.

So it seemed like an easy undertaking to create
my own candy cane shape using the same method.

After cutting many many many 1/4" strips of dictionary pages,
I wound one strip at a time with glue, overlapping the edges.
I wrapped a second layer over the first, to make the
shapes more sturdy and stationary, since the aged paper
becomes quite brittle with glue and can easily crack if bent.
A few coats of glue later, to protect and harden,
they were ready to embellish.

I went with shabby elegance on this style.
Crocheted lace, tea-stained cheesecloth, creme & silver
cording, and a tiny pine cone with silver German glass glitter.

In true Old-fashioned Christmas form,
I couldn't resist using lacquered holly.
My inspiration came from my collection of
antique Christmas postcards, with almost
all of them featuring holly and bells.
A little piece of red ticking, a small silver bell,
and tied off with the most wonderful baker's twine
in kraft & black. Just for fun, I cut a number
in a circle shape, from leftover scraps of 
Bingo cards I used for my previous star ornaments.
I love the numeral style, and I just couldn't throw the
scraps away, hoping someday I could use them for 
something. So glad I saved them now.
I'm really happy with the results, and now
I think I need to make some more!
I will inevitably still be creating things for at least
another week, since Christmas isn't Christmas
unless I'm crafting things......:)

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  1. Those turned out darling and love the use of dictionary pages! (are those the bells?) My favorite are the ones with the holly...

  2. Amazing that you made them from scatch! They look great and I, too, like the ones with the holly. Very festive!

  3. I adore these ... Miss Magpie and I have very similar tastes, and I like the holly ones, too. The poly tubing/tie wire idea is genius.


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