Saturday, December 22, 2012

Chic, Mossy, & Old-Fashioned ...... (Tabletop Decor, that is)

Though I love embellishments as much or more than most, every so often my mind gets a "Less is more" inspiration.

When a component is so beautiful, that adding anything to it would take away from its perfection, these are the times that my brain tells me "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should".......

Here are three examples of my tabletop creations where less is more, and oh so easy-peasy to create in the eleventh hour of decorating......

Can you ever go wrong with silver glass glitter? As long as you don't glitter every square millimeter of the creation, you can create beautiful results. A grouping of these trees twinkles and shines fabulously in ambient mood lighting.

LIke the little black dress, this tree is very simplistic, but very chic. Glass glitter over styrofoam, mercury ball top, and a base made from stacking 2 fluted tins. A glue gun to join the styrofoam to the top tin, and of course I used a thin magnet to connect the two tins together.
This next example takes us away from the city chic, and brings us to an elegant forest.

I can't resist chartreuse reindeer moss. So much crisp color and texture all at once, that I just can't bring myself to cover it with much of anything. In this instance, I glue-gunned some silver glass-glittered pinecones sparingly.

Then I wound some very delicate silver crinkle wire around, and topped the tree with a silver glittered star. I'm sure Amy (Into Vintage) is cringing as we speak, at the thought of using a glue gun.......:)

The fabulous pewter base was something I found thrifting a couple years ago, knowing full well it would have a tree on it someday, as well as a great base for pumpkins in the Fall. I think this base may have been from a lazy susan, or perhaps had a dome on it.

Last, but not least, is a very old and large aqua Ball jar I've had since this Summer, waiting to be used for something. I combined a bit of kitsch with old-fashioned charm, using only red Shiny Brites and plastic cedar sprigs.

Just one layer after the other, with a couple smaller balls on top.

I finished it off with old red wooden beads, strung on a pipe cleaner, which was easy to twist tight and tuck under. So much beauty in the aqua glass, with the red and green, that nothing else is needed for a nostalgic kitchen accent.

These can be whipped up fairly quickly, so get crackin' if you haven't yet!


  1. These are great. Love the forest tree!! Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Bravo to those of you who are gifted with glue guns -- just look at the amazing things you can create!


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