Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Homage

This may sound blasphemous to all the Christmas lovers out there, but Autumn and Halloween are my favorite season and holiday. Perhaps part of the reason is that I live in Oregon, where our Fall scenery is so conducive to the blustery day, mystical mood of the season. I'm not saying I don't enjoy the Christmas season, but October holds a special magic for me. Time for scary movies, changing leaves, foggy mornings, Halloween candy, and costume parties. What's not to love? 

Every year, in honor of my love for Halloween, I hand-paint a bowl for display or to hold Trick-or-Treat candy. This year I decided to go with an understated look for 
my favorite day of the year.

This was one of those vintage salad bowls made in Japan. 
Blonde wood, with an uniremarkable grain.
It had some stains inside, and no amount of sanding
would remove it. So I had no choice but to paint the inside,
then glaze in several layers to color-match
the outside, and to add faux wood grain throughout, 
for more visual interest.
I painted a large 31 inside, with smaller numerals around the outside rim. I alternated 3's and 1's, so that you can read them as 31's or 13's, just to play with superstition.
 Definitely a sophisticated bit of whimsy for 
my Halloween fix.


  1. I love this! What a beautiful idea! I love fall as well!

  2. Beautiful! I like understated Halloween. That's not necessarily what happens here, but I like it!


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