Monday, October 24, 2011

Buried Under Stars

I've been M.I.A. as of late, but I have a good excuse. My one-woman atelier has been very busy with a custom order of 30 Christmas tree ornaments.

While 30 ornaments may not seem like much,
I am a stickler for details.

I first began selling this burlap star design 
a couple years ago on Etsy. 
I had a box of antique ink pen nibs 
that I hadn't yet found a use for.
Once I combined them with old bingo cards and burlap,
there was no stopping me.
Finishing touches of German glass glittered stars,
Lametta silver tinsel, and just the right gunmetal chain,
make for a perfect mix of rustic elegance 
and Steampunk industrial
The glass glitter and Lametta tinsel 
will both tarnish over time,
bringing harmony to all the components.

This is a newer version, 
using a Dresden star with an Amber rhinestone,
making this less rustic, and more Steampunk.

Never satisfied with just one design, as I get bored easily,
I created a version of this map design last year.
This time, I stamped the direction letters,
making it look more like a compass rose.
The backing star is decoupaged in
wrinkled tissue paper, giving it the look
of Old World leather or parchment.

My newest design for this custom order 
is the use of old dictionary paper.

At a glance, this collection of stars may look like simple crafting, with some cutting and gluing. While that's technically true, these are surprisingly labor-intensive, with lots of cutting, adhering pen nibs one at a time, 3 different types of glue, 3 different layers of alcohol ink, attaching connector tags and chains, lots of varnish, etcetera, etcetera.......

While I am happy with these creations, 
I can safely say that.......
I was not built for mass-production.
I am an Idea girl, 
and my hands cannot keep up with 
the daily inspiration swirling in my head!

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  1. Beautiful! I would imagine the recipient of your hard work will be thrilled to know he or she will have handcrafted ornaments unlike anyone else's. :-)

    Just how many pen nibs did you have? Thousands?

  2. Thanks! I buy the pen nibs by the gross, and used about 2 boxes. Hard to believe all writing used to be done with these. How romantic.....:)

  3. These are great (and I had the same question that Amy did about pen nib quantities!)

  4. I love them! I am an idea girl as well, but I have never been able to focus as well as you have!!

  5. Hi, Just found your blog from Plucky Maidens. I will be sure to stop by and see you there. Love your ornaments!

  6. Stopping by to say welcome to the Junk Fest! It'll be fun! Your ornaments are beautiful. See you November 19th!
    ~ Julie

  7. Thank you Ladies! Looking forward to meeting you at Plucky Maidens!

  8. Ooooooo.... I love these! Perfect combination of pen, ink, paper, and burlap in a whole different way! Pinning!!

  9. Beautiful ornaments! I love mixed media so the use of all the varied materials makes them perfect. Good job!


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