Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Spoils

One of my favorite haunts for junking is the Goodwill Outlet store. I am fortunate enough to live only a few miles away from one. Although this is not as grungy as dumpster-diving, it is still not for the meek, germophobic, or faint of heart. Gloves are definitely on the menu here. Quite the diverse population frequents this place, making it an "interesting" melting pot of social etiquette and lack thereof, so you must approach your mission with thick skin. The first half of this year at the outlet yielded nothing interesting to sell, so I hadn't bothered to go the last couple of months, but Oh how that changed.....

I pirated all this booty and then some this weekend.........

Well, you know I have a radar for aqua, so this sewing basket and enamelware kettle/pail with lid were mine mine mine. The little white basket with bamboo handle is screaming for a tiny Toto. A charming vintage green hard side suitcase with the most divine, kitschy interior.

Metallic quilted vinyl interior, with vinyl ruffle edging and mirror intact!

Folk art corner shelf with cutouts, and a fabulous spice cabinet with mesh screen doors. The bottom compartments probably used to have drawers, 
but is still loaded with character. Striking and tall candlestick that really makes a statement at 15". The bowl is one of those lightweight molded wood salad bowls, 
but this one isn't woven like the ones I'm used to seeing, so I found it interesting. Everything but the bowl will be getting the chalk paint treatment.

More aqua goodness in this dish rack. Textured wood/gesso frame in fantastic condition. Charming rattan basket in a warm vintage yellow top-sprayed in old red. I actually bought 2 of these, and they're screaming to be Christmas decor.

And speaking of woven wooden salad bowls.....
This one is quite substantial, at 14" diameter, 4" deep, and much heavier than others, making this a fabulous 
Retro or Tiki display piece. I don't usually gravitate to wooden spoons, but these lacquer ones are just beautiful with folk art designs. They're either Mexican Olinala or European, but not Russian, and I'm leaning towards Mexican. 
Charming colorful details.

A super cute vibrant yellow flower basket with fiberboard bottom and a red Tonka trailer.
An antique bottle capper that truly brings back 
childhood memories of homemade rootbeer 
in the Summertime.
An oh so fabulous cast aluminum easel stand.
The accent table is all metal, with faux bamboo legs 
and screen top.

Check out this easel, with beautiful Rococo bones.
Great for displaying small artwork, a book, or a plate.
How perfect would this be for holding a 
Spell book on Halloween?

And this table, Oh My......
Mid Century fabulous. I adore the pattern in the screen, 
and the bamboo frame.
After I remove all the rust, I may or may not repaint it, 
even with all its chippiness..... 
It's such a statement piece.

I actually came home with more than I've shown. So much junk, so little space. Time to sell!


  1. Glad the trip was worth putting up with the grunginess! I love that table!

  2. ooooh you pirate you!! Me loves the aqua kettle!!
    and those spoons.... gorgeous!



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