Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Color Therapy

It is common knowledge that colors have a psychological effect on us, so no matter what shade you add to your home, you should be thinking about how it makes you feel, and not just if it's trendy or looks good. This is the advice I give to my painting clients when guiding them with their color choices. My personal preferences tend to lean towards warm tones, since I live in Oregon, where the overcast sky casts grey light on everything 60% of the year. So despite the fact that all shades of grey are so trendy right now, I run away from it most of the time. (I would however break that rule for stone walls in a European castle.) But I digress........

That entire rambling paragraph did have a point - my love for Annie Sloan's Duck Egg Blue. Yep. I really love this color. As a painter by trade, I've grown to appreciate most colors, but very few have psychologically affected me this way. I feel calm and content, with a sense of well-being, when I look at the objects I've painted with it. I must have been surrounded by Duck Egg Blue in a previous life, and it must have been a good one........

Remember this in a recent post?

Well look at her now in Duck Egg Blue.........

Mini bottles of alcohol and shakers of glitter have nothing to do with each other, unless you like to drink while you craft, but don't they look cute in there?

I painted the whole thing in a Cream base, to brighten the top coats of Versailles on the inside, 
and Duck Egg Blue on the outside. 
The bottom used to hold drawers, but I think it looks adorable anyway. Reminds me of a miniature china hutch.

Now all I need is a larger version for even more 
sense of well-being.....

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  1. absolutely gorgeous. I can see why you like that color so much; calming delicate, excuisit ( spelled right?)

    and you are very right, never add color for trends but for how they make you feel.


  2. I thought that piece had all kinds of possibilities, and it turned out great! I didn't even miss the drawers.

  3. Hello Maria....!

    THANLS so much for stopping by Lovey....!!

    Alas, the Friend we're helping is FROM Oregon & we are helping him out here in Texas....I would LOVE to visit your state one day though.... :o) !!!!!

    I LOVE how you've transformed this piece....The colour is DIVINE & you've given it just the PERFECT amount of distress....!!

    Have a WONDERFUL week....!!!!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)


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