Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Truffles and Acorns

This past weekend, while many lucky treasure-hunters in the PNW were experiencing eyegasms at the junking Nirvana that is Farm Chicks, I resorted to so-called estate sales close to home.

And while they were feasting in a forest teeming with truffles, I was subsisting on meager acorns. Out of four sales, this is what I came home with: 
If Barbara were grading this day using her apron score, she would grade it -4 aprons, for time spent in construction en route to sale, wayward child riding his scooter around me while I tried to shop, and the seller's lack of preparation (hardly had anything on display yet for me to look at, and was still carrying things out to price). And finally, while I waited for her to bring out more items, she would stop what she was doing every time her 8-ish son wanted to talk about whatever was on his mind at any given moment. Needless to say, waiting around yielded nothing else, and that is a half-hour of my life, and half a gallon of gas I will never get back.

Thankfully, my good ol' standby GW came through with a Hail Mary to save my low-scoring day. Though nothing to brag about, a few acorns is better than nothing.......

Hopefully next year I can make a pilgrimage to the Mecca in Spokane, 
so I can dine on truffles too..........

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  1. I think I had just about the same experience last week when, against my better judgement, I drove way too far for some sales and came home with way too little (aka nothing). No children on scooters, luckily. In these parts, we have farm animals to contend with while shopping.


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