Thursday, February 24, 2011


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, snow has always been a hit and miss kinda thing. Some years we've had a foot, and others, maybe an inch, if we're lucky. Portland is only an hour from Mt Hood, but if you aren't active in snow sports, your only option is an Indian snow dance and crossing your fingers, especially when you're only sitting at about 250 ft above sea level. This winter we were really neglected in the snow department, so any trace of it makes someone like me giddy when it floats down and actually sticks, even if it's only an inch or 2 deep. Well, today was proof that it's never too late for snow, as the tail end of February is a hint late for us, here in the Willamette Valley. Oregon is blessed with massive amounts of foliage and diverse terrain, even within Portland's city limits, so the combination of crisp green, texture, and the beautiful white stuff is especially magical and striking. And even as I write this, all the snow has already melted, so I'm glad I snapped 
these quickly this morning!

I've endured many years of heckling from transplants of other states, like Minnesota, etc, who have lived in much harsher winters. But I'm sure an Alaskan would heckle anyone in the lower 48, so it's all relative. Truth is, Portland winters are relatively mild, so the irregularity of snow keeps residents rather out of practice when it comes to driving in it. It also doesn't justify Portland owning a large fleet of snow equipment, so any amount of snow or ice can easily shut us down. We're a pretty hilly city, along with a slew of bridges, so accidents are almost a guarantee. Some of us have no problem driving in snow, but I personally refrain, in an effort to avoid those drivers who are either reckless, or clueless, about how to maneuver in a slick spot. I'd rather look like a wimp and stay off the road, than watch helplessly as another car barrels into mine. No thank you......... 

But for every person who panics when it snows, there is another one who is delighted to see it. So I'm going to go start another snow dance, in the hopes of conjuring up some more, before Winter officially leaves......... 

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  1. lovely pictures there mia! I will join you in that indian snowdance in the blink of and eye, so shakin'my tail feathers fiercely as we speak :-)


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