Monday, February 21, 2011

Flashy Eye Candy

The list is long, of the antique treasures my heart skips a beat for, and ephemera is one of them. As an artist, rich and finely-detailed graphics rank high on my list. Over the years of treasure-hunting, I've stumbled upon a publisher that really delivered in artistic excellence, and have since acquired a few of their lovelies. Platt and Munk items are major eye candy for me. I was fortunate to rescue this collection of giant alphabet flash cards, each measuring 9-1/2" x 13-3/4". Although it is an incomplete set (I think I'm missing 7 letters), it was a miracle I rescued as many as I did, as they were being tossed around in a Goodwill bin full of books, getting bent and soiled. Gag me, I really hate that. No respect for vintage......

I considered copying and shrinking my favorites to use as gift tags and decoupage projects, and they would look fabulous framed as is. But to use one of Sue of Vintage Rescue Squad's favorite words, "alleged", I think these would shine if I suspended them, with clothespins from a string, to create a banner for my "alleged" antique booth someday......... (Nothin' but love for ya Sue.)

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