Monday, December 15, 2014

Mini Christmas Trees, Lichen, & White Glass

In my last post, I showed you a rusty industrial-style mini artificial tree, using an old cobbler's iron shoe form. As promised, I have two more minis in completely different styles.

First, a nature-inspired tree, an homage to the Yule tree and Winter Solstice.

Doesn't she need a little birdy perched on a branch?

We had a decent wind storm last week, and it broke off lots of tree branches. The best part of that was all the gorgeous lichen attached to them, and I was thrilled to say the least. A treasure-hunter like me doesn't limit my finds to the thrift store, but to nature as well. I plucked an entire grocery bag of this beautiful silvery sage gift from Mother Nature. 

So tucked into the fake Spruce branches it went. Tiny Tamarack cones were hot-glued onto tiny twigs, then poked into the branches. Finally, I took many delicate branch tips and bundled them around the top to create a natural tree topper.

Once again, I removed the wooden tree base, and this time, secured it into a brass chamberstick candle holder. This is the kind of holder that is meant to house a box of matches, but instead, I added mini logs, which in this case is a tiny pile of twigs covered in mossy goodness.

My next mini tree is very simplistic, but sometimes simple is best, if your decorative accessories make enough of a statement on their own.

A creamy white mini starfish....

A white glass-beaded necklace, with a couple of links separated to make one long garland. Secured to branches in just a few spots, with very fine wire.

And finally, a fabulous white, chippy metal lamp part, which perfectly mimics a tree skirt. I always bring home pieces like this when treasure-hunting, to play with later, and this one just screamed tree skirt. I put a very short candle holder under it, then secured the tree base through the part's hole and right in the candle holder. Easy peasy......

I hope these tiny trees have shown you that even they can pack a decorating punch, with great personality, like their large counterparts. Good things do come in small packages, right?

TTFN, Maria

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  1. Love these trees - thank you so much for sharing!!! I'll be looking for more of nature's bounty!

    Funny-I just picked up a lamp part that said tree base to me this weekend!

  2. Good things do come in small packages and these have tons of personality. Love these very creative tree bases. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  3. ok...just left comment on tree #1 in the old shoe form...trees #2 and #3 are just as wonderful! I love your eye in seeing the possibilities in junk...all three are treasures to behold!


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