Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chicken Wire & German Glass Glitter Tree Ornament

In my pre-Etsy days, I never even considered working on Christmas projects in October, let alone September. Being a Halloween fanatic since childhood, I would be totally in the costume-designing zone during this time. 

But now that I'm a die-hard proprietress, Halloween comes second to my vintage and creative passions. (That certainly doesn't mean that I would turn down a costume & dance party invitation!)

My first Christmas ornament offering for this year will be listed in Etsy shortly. I created this design last year, but I have come up with a new and improved version.

Behold, new and improved.....

In last year's version, I only used super-fine silver German glass glitter, and I used it sparingly. I also painted the wire last year,
but this year I oxidized the wire to do away with the shine and look more aged.

This year, I used my bigger multi-grit blend, and not only applied it to the full outline, but also to every twist where the hexes are connected.

The multi-grit blend really makes a statement! All the delicate glass grit details give the look of fresh ice with the morning sun shining on it.

I still chose to use the super-fine glass glitter on the little pine cone, because I wanted to keep the cone details defined, and the larger grit just made it look like a sparkly blob.

Since this look is more glam and less rustic than last year, I also chose to use my elegant metallic cream cording to hang them with, rather than sisal.

I'm really pleased with the effect, and they really twinkle so much more now.

Time waits for no one, so off I go to complete another holiday project! Ciao for now.....

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