Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mediterranean Makeover with Chalk Paint on Metal Mesh Shelves

Today I have another chalk paint transformation. I think this one has more impact than many I've done.

We’ve all seen these metal pierced shelves, usually black, with quatrefoil shaped cutouts.

I don’t know if it’s how ubiquitous they are, or the black color, that makes these so boring and unappealing. 

They’ve been sitting in my mother’s storage for years, waiting for a new home at Goodwill, or until I took the time to brainstorm a makeover.

Well, years ago I didn’t have chalk paint.

But now that I do……..Behold. 

Hello Gohgeous!

No longer boring, but now the Moroccan/Mediterranean style the quatrefoil shapes dictate.

I did a complete basecoat of a vibrant Leaf Green, then used a fan brush to haphazardly add my go-to deep Aqua/Turquoise. The final color is a watered-down Brick Red, which I applied in random spots here and there, keeping it subtle so as not to dull the Green and Aqua.

The color combo is certainly good enough for a transformation, but I really wanted to make these stand out more, like hand-painted should. It was very important to me that it not look spray-painted, since all too often, that seems to be the extent of makeovers for these. So, as the final piece de resistance, I hand-painted brilliant metallic gold shapes, that are a simplistic mix of a Maltese cross and the quatrefoil cutouts, to all the braces outer sides. I also added gold dots to all the front and side-facing edges of the shelves, to tie them in with the braces design. And of course I sealed everything with clear wax.

I really like the quatrefoil detail, but the original black color really didn’t do justice to the intricate design. I think my paint treatment really showcases the Mediterranean style, making these way more attractive and
not just lipstick on a pig…….:)

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  1. When I read that you felt your paint treatment had more impact than usual, I was very interested, indeed! The gold dots and especially the crosses, kick the paint job up another notch. School is over Monday and one of my goals is to take your inspiring pieces and begin painting some of my ugly ducklings. Then, I will have to learn how to download my work to share!

  2. oh, wow, here's another piece that I have. It's hanging in my bathroom and is in dire need of a makeover. thanks for the inspiration !! I've really gotta subscribe to your blog !


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