Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Absolute Favorite White

Snow, Baby, Snow!
While the other coast has been having their share of snow storms,
we Oregonians,
specifically Portland Metro area,
have been feeling neglected
…..specifically Me. :)

So happy that changed this weekend! Nothing cooler, no pun intended, than taking a walk in all the sparkly white goodness, especially at night.

Had to take a pic of this funny little snow creation on my neighborhood walk last night.

Snowman?...or Jabba the Hutt….

So glad the temperature is staying low long enough to preserve my snow for more than a day, since this is probably the only snow fest we’ll get in my neck of the woods this Winter.

Oregon Crème Brulee, Baby!

The freezing rain added its crunchy layer over the soft snow last night.
It also stopped the Max light rail system in its tracks.
You know it’s hazardous when Max is shut down, since that practically Never happens.

Everyone just stay home, enjoy looking at the snow, and watch the Olympics.
It’s a much safer thing to do right now!

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