Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Old Kodachrome Slides Transformed Into Personalized Ornaments

I’ve had these wonderful, old Kodachrome slides for years. I always knew I would someday sell them on Ebay, as is, or come up with some ornament design with them. This year, I finally figured out a fun ornament design that felt right, and not contrived. I think you know what I’m talking about. When you have a stash of something, and after spending a great deal of time trying to figure out what to do with the objects, the end result is sometimes a head-scratcher, leaving people wondering why you thought that looked good.

I present to you a nostalgic and versatile ornament or gift tag, which can be changed and re-used.

So here’s what I did. I pushed the slides out of their cardboard frames, being careful not to bend the cardboard.

Next, I cut thin strips of red washi (which matched the cardboard’s red borders perfectly), and taped both inside and outsides edges. Then with more washi, I taped 2 of these frames together at the bottom (right sides out) making a tape “hinge”. The reason I used tape on all the edges, rather than just a red marker, was because I wanted to be able to insert a paper label or photo without it getting caught on the raw cardboard edges. After all the taping was complete, I folded them closed, and used a tiny hole punch at the tops. First punching one hole, then aligning the punch in that hole to punch the second frame.

Finally, I pushed a millinery holly stem through both holes, bending the stem up in the back, down again to make a thin loop, and cutting off the remainder. This allowed for some twine to be secured through the loop, making it ready for a present or hanging on a tree.

This slide ornament was designed to allow for a small photo to be inserted, or a small gift card with the TO and FROM names written on each side. It was very labor-intensive with all the taping, but it was all worth it to see the finished design.

And no ornament design is complete without the perfect twine. I purchased this fabulous twine from England, called Everlasto. It is 3-colored twine, and extremely well-made. I can’t imagine using any other twine now. The quality has spoiled me…..:)
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  1. Very interesting and original, like it sooo much:)New follower of you:)Have a sunny day, Marinela

  2. Darling! I agree on that twine being awesome..just the right touch.

  3. Perfect. The holly, the tape, the gray of the cardboard. Clever lady, thanks for another idea for when I go junking.


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