Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Maps, Turquoise, and Bronze.......Holiday Style

Oh, it's been so long since my last post. Well, it's that time of year, when I'm immersed in Christmas crafting and lose all track of time!

Every year, I open my mind to inspiration, to see what new designs I can come up with for ornaments and decorations. It's obvious I've got a one track mind this year, because the common thread running through my creations is maps, with emphasis on turquoise and bronze copper. I'm quite sure it's due to my most recent painting creation, this jewelry chest.

So, without further ado, here are my designs for this Christmas............

 You see what I mean? Can't seem to shake the obsession with maps, 
compass roses, and turquoise and bronze.

The globe ornament is decoupaged with copies 
from one of my antique atlases. 
All the maps in this book are printed with only cream, turquoise and orange. 
For each ornament, I cut 2 circles (by hand. Oy.) from thick chipboard, 
then folded them in half and joined the folds with glued paper strips.
After I added the map circles, I crackled the sealed surface to give it
the appearance of crazing of an old globe. I painted the chipboard edges
with metallic bronze as a subtle reference to the gold meridian on globes.
Topped off with a globe-inspired metal bead and textured chain.

The stars were also cut by hand from thick chipboard. I found this fabulous and brilliant turquoise German glass glitter. I painted a base coat of dark turquoise, alternating with a custom bronze-gold paint that I added gold pigment powder to to make it more brilliant. I also topped off these stars with the little globe-ish bead, and attached bronze-colored wire bent into a 
graceful hook for hanging.

Globe Map Atlas Ornament ...... Limited Edition Handmade Decoupage Turquoise Bronze

I can never get tired of playing with glitter, paper, paint and glue......can you?

Turquoise and Bronze, how do I love thee?...................

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  1. You create some beautiful pieces, I especially like your fixation with maps. I have found some old atlases, but I have a glitch about cutting them. How do you get over that?

    1. Thank you SuzieQ! How do you get over that? You don't. I photocopied my atlas. I wouldn't dream of cutting into any antique atlases unless they were damaged already. But then again, even with some damage, I wouldn't want to use the only originals I have if it was a gorgeous image, so I'd probably copy those as well.....:)

  2. So beautiful! Aqua has always been my favorite color; I still use in my decor; love those ornaments!

  3. I love everything maps, these are great.

  4. Just found you through Transformation Thursday. I love this project! Also love your shop!

  5. So very lovely, thank you for sharing! I'm visiting from Jennifer Rizzo and would love to have you visit Maddalee...lot's of paper art things over there.



  6. I'm oohing and aahing...What beautiful color choices. They are two of my faves right now. Well done!


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