Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rainy Day Treasures

Here’s a few of my latest thrifting treasures.

Mid Century petite metal candle holders, in the most perfect greenish Aqua. Made in Sweden.

Fabulous wicker/rattan suitcase. I was really attracted to the weave. It’s a more delicate ribbed texture than the typical wicker. It still has a faded older Macy’s price tag on the inside.

Always a fun find. An unopened package of Antioch bookplates. I’m quite certain the 3 little owls will be a hit on Etsy.

Very Retro set of 4 coffee cups in harvest gold and brown. Each with a different design. Very charming.

Here’s something I don’t see often in my thrifting. Not 1 but 2  Old World instruments. A Russian lacquer-painted zither or lap harp. Gorgeous colors which will fit right into Christmas d├ęcor.

And a kalimba or thumb piano. Great little World music instrument for the well-traveled home.



  1. A nice haul, I love the color of the candle holders & the thumb piano reminds me of music class in elementary school :)

  2. Oh, those candle holders are seriously amazing. I am a sucker for anything aqua, but aqua + brass is just too cool!


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