Monday, September 17, 2012

A Map, Mold, Melamine, Mesh and More.......

I do love me some M's........

This is my favorite time of year, but I just can’t believe it was 90 degrees today. It’s summers like these that I wish non-Oregonians could witness firsthand, as proof we aren’t drowning in rain all year. Can’t wait till a little crisp air joins this sun.

Fortunately, the weather doesn’t deprive me of any plummy treasures. Here’s a few I’ve found recently……..

Framed 1959 USA map that’s Pre-Hawaii. Beautiful litho details, and it’s 21 x 13.

Great old German, Anton Reiche chocolate cigar mold. Love the worn tin color and awesome details.

Yet another Texas Ware Confetti bowl, this time it’s an 8” one. It's a good thing these are put in the plastic section at GW, or they'd be spotted too soon for me to snag them!

Cool black mesh curvy Retro tray. Can’t imagine covering up this beauty with office papers, but it certainly would be a stylin’ end basket. I think I’d rather see a big ol’ pile of mini pumpkins on it, and maybe a few votives.

Stunning tole candle sconces with plaster/ceramic pears. What attributes should a piece have, to be considered Italian tole? Anyone care to enlighten me?

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  1. Good finds..especially that map! I agree about some crisp fall weather, I have had enough of this heat.

  2. Texasware bowls are so long lasting. Never see any around these parts. Love them. Also love that map.

  3. I found a tole chandelier, and it actually had a little metal tag wrapped around one of the arms with Italy stamped on it. I'm not sure if All tole that's really from Italy has that, but it made it a lot easier on me!


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