Friday, April 22, 2011

Recycled Kitschy Can

I've got a thing for containers, whether they be cigar boxes, hat boxes, bowls, or tins. Especially tins. I seem to have a radar for them. So when I spy one being thrown around in a pile, I immediately feel the need to rescue it. The biscuit and candy tins with handles and finial lids are my favorites, and if they have an interesting shape, all the better. I don't normally bring home ones that have severe problems, but for this one, I made an exception. 

It had a gold swing handle, which had been pulled out on one side. At first, I thought I would be able to re-attach the handle, but that was proving more of a challenge than I anticipated. So there were only two options - pull the handle out completely, or get rid of the tin. So after many crazy little ideas, I ended up with this:

I've had these little soft plastic red flower beads for some time now, and knew someday, I would find a clever use for them. I threaded them onto tie wire, which you can find in the building section at Lowes or Home Depot. It's really thick wire, but very flexible for winding around things. It fit perfectly through the flower holes, and then I stuck the ends through the existing holes of the tin, looping the ends to keep them from slipping out.

The finial was rusty and jiggly, but still intact, so I decided to paint it to coordinate with the flower colors, and triple sealed it.

So the next time you see an unfortunate looking tin, give it a second chance with some funky alterations. You could change the handle with wood beads, gathered fabric or ribbon. Endless possibilities. They're great as gift baskets, and for storing tea bags, office and craft miscellany. With a jar of water, it makes a sublime, cottage-y vase. This little charmer is ready for a new life of retro goodness, instead of a sad landfill existence. Happy Earth Day!

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