Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Color Me Gezelligheid

The list is long of vintage treasures that gives me a warm fuzzy, or as my Dutch pal Nita calls it -"gezelligheid". Considered one of those untranslatable words, it has many connotations, but for this post, it's about those treasures that make my heart smile. Speaking of the Dutch, they truly embrace color, and when you live with the gray skies of The Netherlands, as well as here in Oregon, color is your friend. Whenever I assist my painting clients with their color choices, I usually suggest a shade with some warmth to it, to offset the gray sky light that will inevitably be cast on their walls. But back to my point......do I have one? Yeah, that's right - colorful warm fuzzies. One of the many on my list is vintage kitchen items, and the richer the color, the better. So whether you paint your kitchen white or black or both, how could the room be unhappy with treasures like these adorning it..........

Quon Quon Cocktail Tray
Well Bucket Planter? with decal
Aqua and Red Scoop Master Ice Cream scoops
Wooden Paddle for Butter? Cheese? 
Don't they look happy together?
I'll be listing the wooden items in my Etsy shop, just as soon as I discover their original purpose, or when I grow weary of researching.......:)

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