Friday, February 14, 2014

Spring-Inspired Chalk Painted Shelves

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I recently finished chalk-painting a couple pieces, so I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to……

This sweet little mini curio cabinet had good bones, but really needed help.



It’s always remarkable what paint can do.

This was not built very well, so I strengthened many of the joins with wood glue.

The door hinges were about as chintzy as they come, and it kept the door from closing flush. So I removed the door altogether, and filled in the screw holes.

Four layers of paint later, along with clear and dark wax and lots of distressing, she’s a little beauty now!

This corner shelf also had great bones…… Before:


I used the same colors as the mini curio, painting the layers in exactly the same order.

The turned spindles and curved shelves gave me many opportunities for artistic distressing.
The middle shelf has a slight warp on one of its back sides, but since it would be flush with the wall, it was still quite redeemable. You would have to be displaying marbles for it to be a problem...:)

The base coat is a deep rosy Pink, followed by a light Spring/Celery Green, then Aqua, and finally a medium Leaf Green. And as always, clear and dark wax.

I have 3 jewelry chests waiting for their turn with the chalk paint, so I’d better get going.

Hope you all take some time to spread Valentine Love today!

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  1. They really turned out well. Love the color combination you used.

  2. I'm in love with both of these sweet pieces. The color layering is pure perfection.

  3. Why Thank you, Ladies! It's so much more fun to use several colors.

  4. Wow - you work magic with that paintbrush of yours! I went back a few posts and saw your sconces as well! Fabulous transformation of all your projects!
    So glad you got the snow you wanted. Feel free to take ANY of mine that you'd like :)
    Yes, we're quite smitten with our little girl, too. Never a dull moment with her around! Thanks for visiting!

  5. So beautiful... love green in the spring! I'm featuring your shelves in this week's PoPP Spotlight.


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