Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Whimsical Dutch-Inspired Christmas Centerpiece

I have a dear friend in The Netherlands
and it has influenced my Junker's eye the past few years.
I now seem to have a radar for windmills and wooden shoes.
I try very hard to not get carried away and impulsive
with my purchases, since there is a plethora
of Dutch souvenirs in the thrift store.

I recently acquired 2 pairs of clogs at the auction,
but didn't have immediate plans for them.
The smaller ones got a bad paint job,
which displayed a poor attempt to improve the 
existing Dutch scenery. Since sanding wasn't helping,
I decided to work some chalk paint magic + distressing instead.
But I didn't stop there.

Ta Da!

I was originally thinking of fitting a small
windmill next to the tree, but then I had an epiphany!
Why not make the tree the windmill?
And really, any excuse to use more mercury beads 
is a win as far as I'm concerned!
The beads are threaded onto thin pipe cleaners,
which I wired together 
then tucked into the treetop with hot glue.

Lots of fun crafty items in this piece.
A little classic, a little kitsch,
and lots of German glass glitter.
The mini Dutch people were from a package
of NOS mini European people from Meyer Imports.
Apparently they were used for snow globes.
I knew they had to join this ensemble.

I secured everything well enough to sell,
but I think I've grown a bit attached to it.
Maybe I'll have to just make more then...:-)

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  1. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Aww, that is adorable! I have a pair of wooden shoes that I've been wondering what to do with... now I know!


  3. This is so cute and such a clever idea to use the shoe. I know I'd have a hard time parting with it. Thank you for sharing at VIParty.

  4. I have always been charmed by Dutch shoes, windmills, tulips, etc. It may have started as a child reading Hans Brinker. I thought right away that the using the Christmas tree as a windmill was one of the best ideas I saw on the web all year. Absolutely charming. I have at least 40 miniature Dutch shoes!

  5. I just signed up to follow and am looking forward to sharing in your adventures during 2016. I came over from Salvaged Treasures.Nice to met you! ~Ginene from Fox and Finch Antiques


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