Thursday, January 14, 2016

After all this Time?.....Always

This just hurts my cinema-loving Heart. :'(

Alan Rickman was and will continue to be one of my all-time favourite actors.
He was so incredibly versatile and convincing in every role he played.

Whether he played a Jane Austen character, a comedic Sci Fi actor,
a Harry Potter wizard, or voicing an Alice caterpillar,
every film was made better because he was in it. 

I will deeply miss not seeing his facial expressions
and not hearing that unmistakable voice.....Always.

 RIP Alan


  1. I adore the scene in Sense and Sensibility when Colonel Brandon asks for some assignment, for something to do, to help the Dashwood family, or else, as he says, in that lovely, lovely voice, he shall go mad, is one of my favorite moments in that movie. So utterly romantic. Terrible news from England this week, Bowie on Monday and Rickman on Thursday. And, since I am in my early 60's, a bit unsettling since they both only reached the age of 69.
    Funny how when you are young, 60 seems old and when you are in your 60's, it seems that 69 is being cut short.

  2. So very true, SuzieQ. I adored him in Sense and that voice is one in a million.

    Their common age, locale, and cause of death was eerie to me. I'm in my early 50's, and I feel they both died young. So sad.....


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