Monday, April 7, 2014

Candelabras, Chicken Wire, & Easter Eggs

In the last post, I showed you how I created moss nests while playing with chicken wire. Since Spring and Summer inspire all things garden with me, I thought I’d show you what those nests inspired me to do next!

I scored these great candelabras after Christmas and wanted to do something unique with them. I came up with a fun, yet elegant twist to the chicken wire nest with smaller versions that would fit like a candle would.

Ta Da! Cool, no?

Pretty easy too! Using the same concept as the nests, only this time I didn’t wire together the bottom of each wire “nest”. Instead, I cut a piece of wine cork, bent all the wire ends to lay flat around the cork, then wrapped them tightly to the cork using a little floral tape. That’s it! The tape is sticky enough to hold the wire nest cups snugly in the candle holders.

I added the same eggs I made for the reindeer moss nest, but this time I wanted to try a more monochromatic look. I tried using Spanish moss, and although it would look fine, I was shooting for something more delicate and elegant. So I used some sisal grass I found at the dollar store, ebonized it to look more silvery, and Voila, it was exactly what I wanted.

Once the filler and eggs were situated, I molded the tops of the wire nests to look more round and bulbous, but the shape is totally up to you.

After achieving that look, I still couldn’t resist my beloved chartreuse reindeer moss, so I also tried it that way too to offer a more naturally elegant look. It’s striking too!

Not terribly shocking, my next post will involve chicken wire again, but with flowers and vases………

TTFN, Maria

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  1. goprgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!


  2. I love this idea, so unique! I think the addition of the reindeer moss was the perfect finishing touch.

  3. Those are so elegant!!! Do you know what they would look like after Baby got hold of them? LOL Not so innocent! haha But I'm glad you enjoy her antics!! Have a wonderful week,


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