Saturday, June 8, 2013

Art Nouveau Industrial Garden Vessel

Now that Summer weather has finally arrived, I naturally migrate to the shed, digging through my chippy treasures for flower and plant vessels.

I’ve had this gem for a few years now, that I found at the Goodwill outlet. With its beautiful lines, I couldn’t believe no one had snatched it up before me.

It is a very old space heater, and I found it with the coiled ceramic heating element. They originally had a wire safety cage over the element, but since I had other ideas for it, it was no loss to me.

I’ve used it many times as a photo prop for my ornament creations, but it’s loaded with possibilities.

I love many things about this. From the great petal shape…..

The fact that it swivels…..

And especially the cast iron base. Delicious Art Nouveau petals and perfect chippy paint.

I had several instant visions of its future uses, but today I will show one of them.

Is this a show-stopping centerpiece or what?

I just slipped a low bowl inside with a flower frog, and pink roses, straight from the garden.

When the flowers expire, I will be using it as a summer planter, and I can’t wait to show you how it will look with my favorite creative plant!

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