Monday, July 16, 2012

Goodwill's Contribution to My Thrifting Today

I didn't purchase a plethora of treasures today, 
but it's always about quality over quantity with me.

First up: I desperately need help identifying what the heck this is.........
It stands about 2" tall and 3" across the top.
It's swirled enamel over metal, and the bowl has real heft to it,
at least for something so small.

This sweet pair of S&P's are signed "Mario Deruta" & "Capri".
Lovely yellow with gold metallic accents.
Even with a few chips on them, I couldn't leave them behind.

Classic pedestal planter/vase in a crisp mossy green.
A little secret......I really bought it because there was a
very large spiked flower frog stuck inside of it,
which the owner obviously didn't want to deal
with prying out, due to being secured with
A LOT of floral clay. I succeeded of course.
But I still think this vase is a design worthy of attention.

You can't go wrong with an egg basket, 
and this is a good size for holding a lot of eggs.

And now, the find of the day!
Drumroll Please.........

What? Just some dumb scissors? 
Well, I should've put these next to something familiar for scale........
These beauties are a whopping 22" long.
Made of cast aluminum, and move open and closed.
I most assuredly intend to sell them,
though I haven't decided if and what color I'll paint them.
These will look perfect as decor in a sewing/craft room or shop,
or just a quirky piece for the home.

Nothing mind-blowing today, but still fun!

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  1. If your mystery item is heavy and enamel, I would imagine it's purpose was for the outdoors!

    1. That makes sense. It's quite small though, so I was thinking of a butter warmer for a wood stove, but those rings throw me off. Don't know their purpose.

  2. Love the egg basket and those scissors really are the find of the day. Great for decoration just as they are!


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