Saturday, February 12, 2011

Preservation and the 4th Reward

Sometimes when I talk about my treasure-hunting to people, I get a polite smile and a blank stare, because they cannot remotely comprehend my passion. I might go on about how I scored an old typewriter. Perhaps I rescued some precious WWII yearbook that should be cherished by a historian or a veteran, rather than being tossed around in a Goodwill bin. And "what are you going to do with a bunch of old black and white photos of people you don't even know?" they ask. Well, I think all treasure-hunters can agree on the rewards of our passion, namely the Hunt, the Research, and the Profit. And when we are really fortunate, we receive that precious 4th reward. Sometimes it's the satisfaction of rescuing a rare or collectible item, that would otherwise perish in the landfill. Maybe it's just the satisfaction of not adding more to the landfill. But perhaps my favorite of all, is when it involves receiving a message from my customer, telling me why they purchased it, and those stories tend to be very heart-warming. Today was one of those days.  

I recently sold this tiny basket in my Etsy store. It was very well made, with a wooden base, and braided woven bands, leading me to believe it was a child's basket purse or a salesman's sample. It is only a little over 6" long x 4" wide. My customer wanted me to know how much her daughter loves her basket. She bought it for her to carry her Beanie Baby dog in whenever they go shopping. How can you not smile when you picture that image? This basket did indeed find a special home, and is creating a new childhood memory. Yes, the 4th Reward is definitely a good thing. 

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  1. ah yes, the blank stares.... I know them well.....
    "whatcha gonna do with that old JUNK" aaaaaaaaarch.... that will get me any time.

    what a sweet story about the beany bag dog's new transportation.... :-)

    keep on hunting my friend, as you said yourself, it soothes the soul.


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